Katie Loehrlein

Designer, Workshop Facilitator

As a young girl, Katie Loehrlein was always very sweet and down to earth.  She loved nature, being outside with the sun shining on her little face and the beautiful, white snow crunching below her feet. Katie loved to explore the backyard, the cornfields, the old barn behind her house, and always found special little rocks that she would share with her father.  

Many years passed and her love of nature never went away.  She turned her nature-loving spirit into a craft; she found certain kinds of trees with branches that had hollow centers or soft centers so that she could make them into beads. She made jewelry with friends and for family members as gifts.  She did not stop with wooden beads.  She became slowly drawn to using glass and crystals, her all-time favorite, for making earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, and mini macrame designs.  She loves crystals the most because they are beautiful designs from the Earth, and they have healing properties that her customers tell her about after they have worn her jewelry.  

One day Katie was working at the Twymon Art booth at the Franklin Street Bazaar.  One of her previous customers, who had bought a mini macrame and hematite anklet, explained to Katie that the night she put on her new anklet, the customer began feeling very warm and her stomach started hurting very badly, worse than it had ever hurt before.  She said that she kept thinking it was the hematite. The customer also said after a long night in the bathroom that the next morning was like she had a clearing in her aura and something had shifted in a positive direction.  Katie smiled with deep gratitude and shared with her customer that Hematite is known to be a grounding and balancing stone that draws out negative energy from the body and aura. 

Stories like this one are why Katie continues to work with crystals and put her loving, healing energy into her work.  She is always filled with awe when she hears stories like these and welcomes the opportunity for potential customers to find their own experiences with Katie’s jewelry. She takes custom orders and you can find her work and crystals on the Twymon Art Shop.