Gianna Dowell

Mylar Paper and Mixed Media

My art currently is influenced by social justice issues. Most of my recent pieces are part of a series that have to do with police brutality and racial wrong doings against my people. I want to represent art culture as a Black woman, depicting our beauty as well as our pain. Throughout history there has always been white people telling our stories and white washing or belittling our beauty. I feel like the depiction of us should come from us and I plan in doing this through my studio work. My specialty medium is Mylar paper, which is like a very thin sheet of plastic. I do most of my work on Mylar as opposed to canvas or drawing paper. It’s transparent and very forgiving so I can easily erase. But it also leaves the marks that are very beautiful, and I play with that aspect also. I mix water, charcoal and acrylic together to create gray scales with eerie color echoes. I also create work people label as “horrifically beautiful,” dealing with injustice and murder against the black men and women.