Twymon Art Gallery

1015 Lincoln Ave. Evansville, Indiana 47714

Twymon Art Gallery

In 2016, William “Billy” Twymon II established Twymon Art Gallery to fill a gap in the tristate art community and showcase the artwork of emerging and established artists. There are not many spaces where emerging artists can develop their craft and get exposure for their work. Other spaces are closed to edgy or controversial established artists. Billy saw a need to educate and provide a space for local artists to prepare and exhibit their artwork as well as develop as artists in a community. Twymon Art Gallery is more than a gallery; the gallery space was established to develop a community of artists from all walks of life. The gallery was created as a space to empower and support artistic and creative expression.


Many of the recent projects undertaken by Twymon Art Gallery have been aimed at creating change. Billy has opened the doors and spaces of Twymon Art Gallery to develop artistic and creative expression in pursuit of raising awareness and challenging some of our community’s most systemic and persistent challenges. Billy is committed to using his voice and amplifying the voice of others. The exhibitions and projects of the past few years have been collaborative and inclusive of voices often marginalized.


Recognizing the marginalization and elitism within the local art community that didn’t allow for diverse voices, Billy realized a dream by opening Twymon Art Gallery. Twymon Art Gallery represents a diverse community of artists; it helps artists with getting their artwork gallery ready, teaches them how to price and display their work. Billy has created a space where marginalized artists can feel welcome, inspired and empowered. The gallery is open to all sorts of artists – visual artists, performance artists, jewelry makers, sculpture artists, etc.


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The Twymon Art Gallery
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